Yes, you read it right!!! It’s an untitled blog today, which is not related to you, your thoughts, your ideas, your life, your world, your perspectives, your status, your stories and yourself.

AND, it’s about me neither.

The name says it all, sometimes we should celebrate being an untitled human. If people are able to give you a title then you are termed as “Defined” or “Confined”, they can be predictable about you and your actions. Don’t let anyone do that.

Don’t let others opinions of you become your reality.

Let the readers of your book remain unpredictable. Similarly let the people remain unpredictable about your life. Let them read your book of life thoroughly and keep them engaged and let them decide the title.

Yes, it will be purely based on their conscience, judgment and understanding. Therefore whatever they find interesting, would be named as is. That would be a one word title probably called “Moral of the story“. That’s it.

Don’t worry, that won’t be your reality. That will be your defined version. Best thing about it is, it can be changed, modified, amended and rewritten.

A mysterious story reveals the mystery at the last chapter of the book, it keeps people engaged throughout the journey.


Your life journey should reveal the title at the stage where you become worth having one.

Therefore count every single moment of life and celebrate every inch of it thoroughly irrespective of being named “UntitledOR “Titled

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