Hungry Soul!!!

Hunger??? Seems big word??? Nahhh!!!

If you are hungry, it might not be that big, however you have resources to fulfill your needs and kill the hunger.

If somebody in front of you, starving. You still have resources to fulfill their needs and have the capabilities to tackle the situations.

What if your soul is hungry???

What would you do?

Who do you go to?

What would you bring?

What would you eat?

What actions should you be taking?

What if you do something and still it wants more?

What are the best options available?

What if nothing works?

What if your soul dies?

These are few questions to ponder upon.

Humankind is made of souls. However not every soul strives for hunger.

PASSION, is the real Hunger, that everyone must have.

Passion, keeps you moving, keeps you motivated, keeps you alive, keeps you hungry, keeps you strive hard to make it large.

PASSION, is the real food to fulfill the hunger.

Yes, it works other way around as well.

Passion is the hunger, Passion is the food. Let it burn within you. Let the spark shine. Let the world know that you are coming to conquer the hearts 💕 and spread the love around.

Let the Hunger grow within you. Rest leave with the soul, it finds the way out of it.

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