Have you ever felt the innocence? Not everyone can carry it with them. Its within you. It’s the aura which can be felt only. Innocence like a child without any expectation can be loved deeply. Innocence like a flower 🌸 can be adored solely. Innocence like a moon 🌙 can be glowed brightly. Innocence like rain drops can be felt only.

Yes I felt it when I saw her first time. 😊 Who is she??? Don’t know yet… Sometimes it happens, when we saw someone and both get connected without any conversation, without any interaction. This is kind of strange but strong bond we share.

She is phenomenal, She is magical, She is adorable, She is graceful, She is the kind of person who carries the innocence. I can feel the innocence by looking at her eyes 👀.

No, let me clarify one thing before you get into any conclusion. It’s not that I started loving her or falling for her or looking for any kind of relationship with her.

A Big No NO…😊

No, I am not being rude to her, I am not trying to run away from her and I am not having any attitude problems…😎

Just let it be that way only. I just wanna keep that intact, I don’t wanna ruin this amazing bond we share. 😊

Come on, you can understand that feeling as well. Everyone would have got similar experience once in a while.

It’s like, when you lie down on the beach 🏖 and feel the sand with the sound of waves crashing on the shore and start gazing full moon 🎑 overshadowing stars✨. The whole scene is so beautiful and blissful that you don’t wanna lose it ever. You feel like capturing every bit of it and adores for the lifetime.

It’s quite similar way, I can relate to while looking at her. It soothes me. I have been following her for quite a few days. NO… I am not stalking her.. 😊. It’s kind of an unknown bond which can’t be named.

I wanted few shades of her to share with you to feel the same way. But couldn’t ask her yet.

It feels amazing when we make eye contact and smile at each other. 😊that’s the moment, I am surrounded by the innocence. My heart ♥ and mind both feel the same way.

Innocence, once lost can never be regained.

With Love ~T@ROON 📝

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