A Date on a Phone 📱 the Decision!!!

📝Chapter 🕕

Waiting for clock to strike 🕘…

I was anxious to call her and talk about every damn thing that have happened with me and want her to understand the situation I am in before we take any final decision and take a step forward.

It’s 🕘.

I called her as soon as I got in the gallery of my room, I can literally count the phone ring and eagerly waiting her to pick up the call 📞.

Why isn’t she picking up the phone 📱? Call got disconnected? Or did she just hang up on me???

Worries continue…..

Why am I thinking so much of weird thoughts. She might have been with her mother or someone would have been there with her. I said calming little bit down.

Rising my breath, I called her again. She just picked up. Hello I said. “Give me 5 minutes please” She begged and disconnected the call 📞. Didn’t get a chance to say “Okay”. 😊 however got bit relieved and that cheered me up.

Seriously, that 5 minutes were the longest waiting time ever.

It happens. I smiled 😊

After 5 minutes to be precise, she called me back 🔙. I picked up very quickly and with cheering mood, said “Hiee”. She said “Hello, How are you” ?.

After all the formal talk with her, I said. “I got to know about your decision from my parents” that’s why I wanted to talk to you about. I kept saying all that without any pause ⏸.I know, she uttered in a husky voice.

What Happened??? I asked intensely. Actually, after talking to you twice, I only know little about you and you also don’t know much about me, however your family is known to my family and they are quite close to each other since very long time so considering all aspects of life, I have taken the decision and told my mother as I am more close to her and she also asked me. Then my mother told to my father and he might have called your parents to tell about our decision.

That’s How Arrange Marriages work in India. She ended with this statement. 😊

Nice to know that you took your decision and giving this relationship a chance. I responded with smile. ☺

But, I don’t know about your decision and our family is awaiting for the same. I am not sure what would you say, but I think, whatever decision you make, it would be a positive move. She said calmly. {Aisa lagta hai ki baat ban jayegi }. That’s the exact word she said. 😊

I laughed with her and said okay that’s nice .. You and your family, please pay a visit to my home tomorrow if possible. If not then at least try to make it possible on this week.

Why??? She asked surprisingly.

You will get your answer there only.

What answer??? tell me clearly. She asked raising her voice.

Please go and meet my parents. I told her.

You can at least tell me something now, She asked mischievously. No, it’s not like that, I want it in other way, That’s why try to understand. I responded.

Okay then it’s already 🕚. I have office tomorrow so will talk about it next weekend in detail. I said amusingly.

Okay, I would be waiting for your call. She responded.

Conversation ended with a positive note.

Why am I smiling??? ☺ Why am I blushing??? Where is life heading??? Life goes on. heard a voice coming from unknown.

To be continued…

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