Smile on her face!!!

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Amidst all the chaos at home, she managed to get few seconds, with little pause, she remained still and started looking at the mirror with dusky eyes. Her face was looking dull, it seems like she never tried make over on her face. Her wrinkles were telling her story.

She was looking at the necklace, a box 🗃 which was kept in the glass shelf, easily visible, easily accessible.

She took her eyes off the box 🗃 and went inside the kitchen and started making tea 🍵 for everyone.

Your tea is ready, saying that out loud, she came into the room and sat down next to the almirah. As she doesn’t take tea so everyone having their tea and chit chatting. She again looked at the box 🗃 with a hope, ignoring all the talking that was happening around.

She stood up and picked the box out from glass shelf and said this was my first necklace gifted by my mother and smiled.

She took out the necklace and tried to wear it, however couldn’t manage to tie it up.

I almost finished my tea 🍵 looking at her unknowingly and noticing all her nuances.

What Happened, I asked her.

She noticed and said, I think it’s not for me anymore. It doesn’t fit me and I am not able to tie it.

Let me check, I asked willingly for that necklace to check.

It’s not like that. I checked properly and said, this is too old so we need to handle it carefully. I can help you to tie it up. She concurred.

Okay… Let’s check if it works. She said.

Here it is….

When I abled to make it and said.

Maa, You look phenomenal in this necklace.

That moment, I could see a smile on her face clearly with full of emotions.

I captured her smile. Not in my camera. But in my eyes.

She smiled and said Thank You my Son.

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