Kachchi Kerry!!!

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Where is the Kerry??? A 9 year kid asked to his mom.

Your father went to the market, he will buy and bring it to you my son, Mother responded.

Okay, but where is dad now? It’s been an hour, why hasn’t he back yet. You know it’s my favorite. The kid replied anxiously.

He will be back soon my son, Mother replied lovingly smiling at her kid.

In the middle of this conversation, the kid heard the knock on the door 🚪. I think he is back, dad is back, dad is back, dad is back, shouting this, kid headed to the door and opened.

The Fruit Seller, it was.

The kid and fruit seller were looking at each other and his basket was full of kachchi Kerries.

Papa sent you here, kid asked innocently. No dear, but I want to sell these kerries, is anyone at home? Or you want to buy this? the kid said ‘YESsss’.

Meanwhile mother came to the door and said, No actually his father gonna buy this from market so we don’t need this. Kid and the seller got bit sad and seller asked.. Please take it madam, it’s so cheaper than market and will give you better price and it’s evening already, I want to sell it before I go home.

The kid was staring at those kerries. Please buy it from him mamma, kid asked to his mom.

No dear, if papa also bought then we would have too much of it. Let’s wait, it’s already 🕖 pm. he will be on the way to home.

Okay, the kid got disappointed, and headed inside the room. Thank you, Mother said to the fruit seller and closed the door 🚪.

After an hour, while the kid was busy playing games, the Fruit smash on mobile.

Mother got a call. It’s him, she said to his son, while answering the call. Where are you, your son is awaiting for you to come home. Mother asked.

the kid was looking at her and trying to understand.

“I am tied up in a meeting so would be coming late at night”. Father responded from other side.

Hiding her dull expressions from her child, Mother ran towards door to check if the fruit seller still around the house.

There were two pieces of Kerry, kept outside the door. Mother picked that up and came outside of house to check.

The Fruit Seller looked at her, Smiled and headed towards his home 🏡.

Mother was still looking at the empty road with a smiling face

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