One Shot Please…

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Excuse me, One shot please… She asked to bartender. Yes Ma’am sure. The bartender started making her drink.

Meanwhile, she seemed to be full of life, enjoying every beats of music 🎶, full of energy, full of zeal, full of spirit.

Yeah, that girl was worth of that shot. A Sassy Girl, I would say. 😊

Who is she? Do I know her? Does she know me?

Nope, it’s when you sit next to her on bar counter and notice all the nuances about her.

Don’t get me wrong. As I was there for my office party and nowadays I enjoy sitting at bar counter only. It feels great. Everyone comes there and ask for their favorite shots.

People living on the edge of the life while having shots. Really it’s true, the real self, the true self, the original emotions always hidden within us. When we have these shots, those emotions are being part of us, we get to see and know the people. Someone would react, someone overreacts, someone hides, someone confesses.

It’s up to you what you make out of this.

This is Your Drink Ma’am, He offered her with a smile.

Thanks. She also smiled. She holds it sitting on the bar counter, and cheering up with her friend. Yeah she was accompanied by a friend.

Cheers 🍻 both said and Shot over!!! Putting the shot glass 🍸 on the counter, she had lemon and salt. That’s the dessert after the shot I guess. 😊

Seeing her expressions, I would say.

What a life!!!

DJ was on roll, Dance floor was pulling the crowd.

Tapping her feet, She got off the chair and started rolling in.

We have also started dancing on the floor, as whole group was there. Dance like no one is watching you. That’s the motto I follow when I dance. It gives me courage to dance,as how bad dancer I am. You get to see me dancing sometime. 😊

Consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously, One of my friend and I got close to those girls while dancing. Music, rhythm, sound don’t allow you to become aware, it takes you with it’s flow.

Suddenly, I noticed that many of our colleagues were watching us and enjoying. As those girls were not in our group. We make group of 4. We were dancing like we have known each other very well. Few relations made in heaven. Just kidding. 😊

Amidst track changed by DJ, I made my way towards counter to have a glass of water leaving them behind and cunningly joined other group after that and started dancing.

My friend and She were so drunk and high, they don’t bother about surroundings and got even closer with every beats. After dancing quite a good time, he holds her hand and allowed her to sit near by chair and started talking.

It’s your night my friend, I passed by him and said. 😊

After few minutes of talking, she suddenly fell facedown on the floor and became unconscious.

One of my friend and I noticed and ran towards her to pick her up, while he was trying every possible way to get her up.

To be continued…

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