One Shot Please…

Chapter 2 ~Lemon Slice.

#nightlife #storytelling #shots #fiction

One of my friend and I noticed and ran towards her to pick her up, while he was trying every possible way to get her up.

He was unable to get her up, usually it happens when you try to get anyone up who is unconscious.

I and one of our friend joined him and we lifted her up slowly and managed to make her sit on the chair.

Her wallet was lying on the floor, I noticed and picked it up and try to return it to her. Her eyes are closed. I shouted looking at her face. She is unconscious. I told to my friend.

One of her friend, became nervous. We asked her friend to take her to washroom. Meanwhile my friend brought one glass of water and few slices of lemon and was trying to make her drink so that she can get some relief. I guess, this comes with an experience who is used to such situations. 😊 Isn’t it. He must be a Party Animal I thought.

She is not taking anything, he said and giving her his shoulder to make her able to walk to the washroom.

Finally she went in to the washroom with her friend.

We hoped everything will be fine and get back to our party mode. Dance floor was still rolling. People around us noticed all activities and responded.

“Leave it, don’t get involved in this. They are not with us. They will handle themselves”.

Oops, I was not expecting these responses. Not expecting even clapping for that. Really??? Ohh Humanity!!!

We started dancing and had dinner after that. We noticed her friend came out and we asked her “How’s she?”.

She showed her anger on us and lashed out at us. How can you leave her like that??? How can you leave us alone??? How can you do that???

We were awestruck. Why she is frustrated with us? This is not the way to react. I asked my friend.

He just nodded and went quickly with her friend inside washroom and took her out holding her hands and giving her shoulder to lean on. They were walking out slowly.

I was awaiting at the door outside.

We might need ambulance 🚑. Her friend shouted to the Club staff.

To be continued…

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one shot please, chapter 1

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