Friend……the Social One!

Nowadays we live in a kind of world where making friends is too easy process. We don’t have to make efforts to be friends with someone.

Yes, it’s just a click away. Go Online and connect with world.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, WeChat… Many more to come…

Have we noticed something weird is happening around the world ?

Why these social networks are getting popularity ?

We will be able make ourselves understand that it’s all about the technology, we are growing, we are moving forward, we are changing the world.

It might be true, however we have to think about other perspectives as well.

We are getting alone, we are surrounded by loneliness, we are too busy doing nothing, we are pretending to be happy, we are living in a curated version of our life. We just want to show off to the world, we are forgetting about the actual, the real, the true feelings of our lives.

These technical platforms are great innovation of all time, it created a back door entry to personal life of people, that’s the reason why they becoming popular and an important part of our lives. Everyone wants to know what’s happening in other people’s lives.

Nowadays our friends have become social network friends, we see each other online that’s it, no talks, no conversations, no interactions, no caring.

In Today’s Social world, getting connected is more important than getting attached. Think over it.

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  1. While I completely agree with what you have said, I’m also incredibly grateful for the social media for if it wasn’t for it I probably wouldn’t communicate with anyone. I’m incredibly introverted and somewhat socially awkward haha.

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